“We had a cherry blossom tree split in half so we had to chop it up and since it was winter time we couldn’t dispose of it right away so we put it under my deck. It’s been almost a year and I finally had the funds to have someone come and get it. The price was very reasonable and the clean up was more then what I was expecting! Highly impressed and highly recommend Cambium Care Tree Specialist! I also appreciate the FREE estimate on the big tree in my front yard….it needs some TLC! I will definitely be coming back for more tree work, just have a wedding to pay for, I didn’t feel pressured at all to schedule anything. I was told when I was ready, they would be ready, I really appreciate it!!”


“We had a large dead cottonwood tree located between our house and the neighbors. They did a great job removing it without damaging either house or the near by fence. Everything was left neat and tidy and all for a reasonable price..

Karen Parks

“VERY FAIR pricing and did a great job of trimming a large maple tree in my back yard! I contacted ‘several’ companies and this one had good reviews and I’m giving them one as well! Professional customer service from the office and the main guy who came to work on the tree! The two guys did a great job of cleaning up afterwards and I would definitely recommend this Company!”

Jeanne Z.

“Great job, very personable, professional and affordable, will definitely use them in the future as will our neighbors.”

Tracy B.